We are aware of three challenges on the Forum and we offer our members the free use of our paid chatroom on your phone untill the message issue is resolved.
Please accept my apologies for any challenges you have faced on your login attempts; I am happy to assist you.
If your login attempts keep looping to the same sign in page or failing (even after a password reset), I recommend clearing your browser cache and cookies.
Browsers tend to hold onto information in it's history, and over time it could cause problems with new website information or updates. It’s always a good idea to clear out the cache, or browser history, and clear cookies on a regular basis.'s-Cache
Also, if you are able to try another browser I would suggest this eg. If you are on Safari, try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
I understand that you are still experiencing an issue with the captcha verification. At this time, our engineers are aware of this issue and are working on an update for you.
We have reached out to our engineers in regards to an update on the issue. At this time, one has not yet been provided.
We will however keep monitoring the situation so we can provide an update as soon as one is available. 
An Alternative is to use our chatroom on Discord. Click Here For More Information about "Discord".
I'm also  truly sorry that you are unable to view the Upload Photos button. I'll be happy to advise you.
The Upload Photos button is flashed based. This means that if your browser does not have flash installed, you'll experience challenges viewing it.
It is important to note that while Google Chrome has the flash setting installed, you are now required to enable it. This is due to a change that Google Chrome and other major browsers have made to their general setting.
I have however included a link which shows how to manually enable flash when needed:
Since your Members may not be aware of this, you may notify them within an Email Blast.
I do hope this helps. However, if you require any further information or assistance, please reply to this email and I'll be happy to help.