Disclosure of Compensation




1. Material Connections and Relationships.

Unless otherwise expressly stated, you should assume that this website and its owners ("Owner") have material connections with the providers ("Provider") of all products and services that are mentioned on this website. 

2. Due Diligence and Potential Bias.

The opinion of the Owner's about a product or service may be partially formed (consciously or subconsciously) in part, based on the fact that the Owner has been compensated or will be compensated because of the Owner's business relationships with the Providers. 

In certain instances, the Owner and a Provider could have a business or personal relationship that does not involve the Owner receiving compensation related to products and services mentioned on this website. However, the nature of the relationship may be sufficient to establish a material connection between the Owner and the Provider.

Because there is a material connection between the Providers of products and services and the Owner of this website, you should always assume that the Owner may be biased because of the Owner's relationship with a Provider and/or because the Owner has received or will receive something of value from a Provider.

You have to perform your own due diligence before purchasing a product or service mentioned on this or any other website.

3. Recommendations in Good Faith.

The Owner in part recommends products and services on this website based on a good faith belief that the purchase of such products or services will help purchasers in general. This good faith belief of the Owner is because (a) the Owner has tried the product or service mentioned prior to recommending it or (b) the Owner has researched the reputation of the Provider and has made the decision to recommend the Provider's products or services based on the Provider's history of providing these or other products or services. The representations made by the Owner about these mentioned products and services reflect the Owner's honest opinion based upon the facts known to the Owner at the time a product or service is at first mentioned on this website. The Owner can not, and therefore does not take responsibility for the purchaser's experience with the products or services mentioned on this website. It remains the purchaser's responsibility to perform a due diligence on the product, despite the Owner's recommendation, due to the variable nature of the Internet, and the provider's service levels, which is not in the control of the Owner.

4. Nature of Compensation.

The type of compensation received by the Owner may vary. For example in some instances, the Owner could receive complimentary services, and products, or even monetary compensation from a Provider prior and/or after mentioning the Provider's products or services on this website or in any emails, or electronic products developed by the Owner.

In some instances, the Owner may collect a monetary commission or non-monetary compensation or reward when you take action based on the content provided on this website. This can also include, but is not limited to, when you purchase a product or service from a third party Provider after clicking on an affiliate link on this website, or any emails, or other electronic products sent by the Owner to you.

5. Use of Testimonials

Any testimonials or recommendations that are published on this website or any external website with a relationship to this website are related the customer's own opinions and experiences about products and services mentioned, distributed or sold on this website. Should these testimonials or recommendations mention specific results obtained, then these results are the opinion of the customer and not the Owner. The Owner have not necessarily verified the results, unless otherwise stated. Should it be stated that the results of those customers were verified, the circumstances and other variables relating to the stated results, may not have been verified. Any potential future customers specific results will be different, based on their specific circumstances over which the Owner does not have control, and thus do not take responsibility for that.

The owner attempts to publish all testimonials that are received by customers of products and services distributed by this website, as an attempt to provide as much information about the experiences and results of those customers who took action on the information that were provided in the products and services on this website. None of the testimonials that you will find on this website will reflect an exact duplication of results between two different customers. From this observation you will notice that the experiences of each and every customer will be different, thus you should expect varying results. Your results will only be similar, if your situation and action, and any other variable factors that may relate to the results are similar to those in the testimonials. It is also important to note that it is likely that not all facts may have been disclosed by the customers who wrote these testimonials. This however is out of the Owner's control, and the Owner does not take responsibility for this, should it be proven to be the case. The testimonails are therefore only published so as to provide you with an idea of what can be achieved.

6. Any Questions about Products and Services.

It is the Owner's goal to provide you with a valuable and pleasant experience on this website. Should you have any further questions about any of the products or services mentioned on this website, you are welcome to contact the Owner and have those questions answered prior to making a purchase of such products or services.

Questions should be sent to us by replying to your registration or other email you recieved from us. If no reply is recieved within 1 day, you should assume that your email was not recieved, assume it deleted by a spam filter and persue a different way to contact us.