How To Upload Your Photo To

I'm truly sorry that some of you are unable to view the Upload Photos button. This is a feature that our host offers and even if I were the best programmer I am not allowed to change it. I like to keep things simple that is why we have our sister site which generates funds to pay for all the special features that this one doesn't provide for us since they are free. Remember When you are a VIP member even free members can reply to your messages and you can search for members near you. (Click here to learn more about searching)

Anyway, I'll be happy to advise you. Here Is How To Get Your Friendly Photo Uploaded:

The Upload Photos button is flashed based. This means that if your browser does not have flash installed, you'll experience challenges viewing it. It is important to note that while Google Chrome has the flash setting installed, you are now required to enable it. This is due to a change that Google Chrome and other major browsers have made to their general setting.

I have however included a link which shows how to manually enable flash when needed: