How To Debate With Other Messianic Singles

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From time to time we host some friendly debates to help you defend your beliefs...
and/or discover the truth...

Anyway, I learned a lot from Kent Hovind about debating.
What helped me the most was these 3 points:
1 one topic at a time
2 equal time for each side
3 knowing logical fallacies

Debate one topic at a time and allow equal time for each point of view, meaning if they are 3 on the team and you are only 1 or 2 both points get 30 minutes in a 60 minutes debate. So Even if they are 10 against you, you still get 30 minutes.
Another thing that helped me is learning about logical fallacies. Politicians make a lot of these fallacies and that is why they make such strange promises that they can't keep...

You can find logical fallacies on google, I have a list that I'm still memorizing. You can download it here:

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could think accurately? Most of the times the others don't so you don't have to debate too long if you can show them their logical fallacies, ie the flaws in their thinking... but if they are right, then you need to step up... ;-)

By the way, remember people's beliefs are not always true, but they have believed it for so long that they feel it must be true. Beliefs are not always true, but people believe it anyway. Our mission is to test if we have some faulty beliefs so that we could correct it while there is still time.

For example: Maybe you were brought up in a certain religion. Maybe You believed that was the true religion and then one day someone told you what you know believe to be the truth. Like a Christian that becomes a Messianic. Or a Messianic who joins Judaism. Or like the person who believes he is too old to get a job, while there are many people of his age and older who has jobs... Or like the belief that "minimum wage laws help protect poor workers" while there are lots of workers who actually make more than double the minimum wage.

Only For Singles!

How To Join

How to Join us for the debate for first-time users/visitors/guests/participants 

Simply enter your name and email in the form and click the "Let Me In!" Button. Then we will email you the directions to the chat server on a third party app.

Then when you are on the chat server simply go to the debate channel. You will see there are many channels on the Messianic Singles Chat Server.

(Easily ask directions or questions by commenting on this post.)
If you are already on our server, simply go to the debate channel.

Only For Singles!

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