This only works when you have completed your profile.
If you didn't complete it, you will not be found or shown in the search results.

There are three search versions,

  1. a quick search,
  2. an advanced search, and
  3. Radius Search using a map.

The quick search form only has one field which allows you to search adding the name or username.

The advanced search form has many more options like gender, what are you looking for, age between, relationship status, location and more.

Both these search forms have display options for your search, they can be sorted by: Last Seen, Rating and Username and also ordered as Ascending or Descending.
The search results will be shown in a list based on your criteria.

The radius search uses Google maps and allows you to move the blue cursor anywhere around the map. To search for members in the area around the cursor firstly add the radius and the gender you wish to find. After doing so click on Search and check the results. It then gives you results like the picture below:

 Radius Search1

 Clicking on a user gives you more information about them:
Radius Search Member1