Dear Brother / Sister,
I can understand that at certain times a true user needs to be removed from the site, here is how to do it and something to consider just before you do it.

Three alternatives that you might want to consider:

  1. Maybe someone joins tomorrow or next week that is near you? Make your profile private and no other users will find you in the search results or on the website. That way you can come back later and will not have to register again. Click here to make your profile private.
  2. Block the people who irritate you.
  3. Change the way you use the site. For example Find fellow believers for fellowship, instead of a spouse. Or Find Pen Pals. It has a place in the profile form where you choose: networking instead of marriage. That way you can meet like minded ones and make friends instead...
    Do you want to make your account private or would you like to change the way you use the site instead?
  4. Give feedback and let us improve the site to accommodate you. Obviously, something is bothering you and you have a good reason for reading this page, would you mind if I ask what it is? (Click here to send anonymous feedback)

If you really want out

I am sorry you want to go. Simply Click on My profile then on settings Then On Remove Account Button. See The Screenshots Below:
Step 1
My Profile

Step 2

Step 3
REmove Account